About Us

About Us

In our sector, our company, which improves its production capacity every year, works on the use, dissemination, and development of irrigation systems in our country and worldwide with the products it manufactures. While our company diligently delivers its products to farmers, it increases its reputation in the global market day by day through its partners, distributors, and representatives in many countries.

Our company has pioneered the inclusion of many beneficial products in the industry as a result of its efforts to develop new products and improve existing ones in the irrigation sector. Founded in Konya city in 2016, our factory started with small accessories in the drip irrigation sector and entered the European market by adding high-quality irrigation pipes to its production. This journey, which started with small connection parts, continues to grow in all areas by encompassing product categories such as irrigation pipes, mini valves, coupling series, sprinkler systems, emitters and gaskets, and filter systems with a high-quality service approach to satisfy customers. Not only in terms of products, but our company also operates in the field of irrigation projects and greenhouse system projects, achieving great success with greenhouse system projects in various cities, including the city of Mozambique in Africa.

Vision: To be the first choice of customers worldwide with the products we produce in line with quality principles, together with the management and development strategies we have established.

Mission: To work professionally with employees, customers, product and service providers, meet customer demands with 100% satisfaction, and ensure continuity.

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